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Hello Again


This is my first time to be aware that, we're able to use customized themes on Blogger. I found the theme named 'Rapid' from web and installed it. So beautiful it is that I can't believe it's a Blogger site. 

Yeah, it seems like a more carefully designed site than most of self hosted ones.

Like a baby just born, I can't wait to modify theme settings. Usage mode of Blogger vastly differs from some CMS framworks, e.g. WordPress. Blogger theme makers use Backup function of Blogger to create .xml files after the blog is designed, we users download the .xml file and import into Blogger with Restore function to reuse their works.

Because what we import is static code, if we delete a predefined widget, it's gone. And the only way to find it back is to import again. However, prvious widgets won't dispear automaticaly, you have to remove it manually. I think the best practice is never changing themes and it's code once set up.

Well, it's definitly more complex and tiring than other CMS framworks. But that's what we can do to make use of Blogger, such a limitted platform.

Users take no charge using Blogger. Google has prepared everything we need to build up blogs in no time. So I want to thank Google and thank TemplatesYard, their works make us possible to success.

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