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Celebrating WordPress 18th Birthday, Namecheap Give You Free EasyWP Managed Hosting

WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, is celebrating its 18th birthday. Over 41% websites from all around the world are built with it.

I've been using WordPress since 2010. During the 11 years, I have always felt that it is a great and excellent work. As an open source project, WordPress has been continuously optimized and improved to maintain its life and vitality.

Namecheap launches promotions for WordPress significant birthday: WordPress 18th Birthday Sale — the gifts are on us 

Namecheap WordPress 18th birthday

I took the opportunity and bought the $9 / year domain name for $6.63. In fact, at $9 a year, .com domains are already much cheaper than other registrars. Namecheap, after all, has always touted with cheap domains and has always given away domain privacy for free. bought from Namecheap

You think that's it? No, you can save up to 95%.

Domain discount in Namecheap for WordPress 18th birthday

If you've had an interest in a domain that you haven't bought, this is a good time for you. 

Next up is the event's main character -- the free WordPress host. For this campaign, Namecheap is offering three configurations for a free one-month trial period. 

Namecheap free managed WordPress hosting

If you haven't used WordPress before, it's time to try it out. If you're already using it, you can use it as a test bed for themes, plug-ins, etc. Another important thing is that if you don't know which WordPress hosting to build your website on, this is a great opportunity.

To learn more about WordPress, visit the WordPress website:

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