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Huawei HarmonyOS is Comming

Huawei is going to announce HarmonyOS 2.0 on June 2nd. These days, Huawei has changed its Weibo name from EMUI to HarmonyOS. And Huawei has bought the trademark HONGMENG( 鸿蒙 ) from another Chinese company.

HarmonyOS 2.0

HarmonyOS in Huawei's description: 

HarmonyOS is a brand-new distributed operating system for all scenarios. It is positioned as a distributed operating system oriented to multiple smart devices in all scenarios, aiming to provide consumers with seamless experience. 

HarmonyOS 1.0 have verified the possibility of the distributed technology. Also the distributed technology have applied to EMUI to innovate user experience, for example, in the feature of Multi-screen Collaboration between smartphones and PCs, and in the solution of MeeTime video calls between smartphones and smart TVs, or even drones. 

HarmonyOS 2.0 not only enhances distributed capabilities, such as distributed application framework, distributed virtual bus, distributed data management, and distributed security, but also incorporates technical innovations, such as GPU Turbo, Extendable Read-Only File System(EROFS), flash friendly file system(F2FS), and deterministic latency engine. 

Moreover, SDKs, documents, simulators, and other facilities are provided to the application and device developers, so as to bring smart experience to consumers in all scenarios. 

Everyone knows HarmonyOS is based on AOSP( Android Open Source Project ). In this system Huawei builds its ecosystem with HMS( Huawei Mobile Service ) to supersede GMS( Google Mobile Service ). 

Android is good enough, Huawei also built its mobile territory with the help of Android. But why does Huawei want to start all over again? 

Huawei Ban

The Ban! 

Since May of 2019, Huawei has been suppressed by US government. Because Huawei is a totally Chinese company and it has the most 5G patents in the world, US wanted to drag China down from the leadership, so it turned its gun to the lead company. 

All companies using US-related technology are barred from selling hardware and software to Huawei. In 2020 Q2, the market share of Huawei's smart phone is 20%. But less than one year later in 2021 Q1, it's only 4% remained. 

Huawei wants to control its own life and death, so it has to make every effort to fight back. We hope to witness its succeed. 

June 2rd, let's welcome the new age. 

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