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The Intelligent Robot Named Ollie Can Somersault, From Tencent Robotics X Lab

Common robots range from humanoid robots to quadruped robots, the most famous of which is Boston Dynamics' robotic dog. Currently, there are many teams in China developing robots. 

Tencent Robotics X Lab has launched the four-legged robot MAX. And now, a new species has been born -- the Ollie. 

Ollie is a wheeled robot, but as you can see from the video, for the most part it's a two-wheeled robot, which puts a lot of pressure on its balance. It needs to be balanced not just at rest, but in motion. As it passes through rough ramps, the left and right hubs are at different heights to keep the body steady. 

Ollie's outstanding performance is attributed to the latest research and development achievements of Tencent Robotics X Lab -- nonlinear control technology and whole-body dynamics control, on which Tencent has published a paper. 

At present, there is very little information about Robotics X Lab on the Internet, and the results can only be seen from the official video.

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