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Windows 11 Image Leaked, Version Number Has Been Confirmed

Rumors in the scientific and technological circles often turn into facts. The video released by Microsoft a few days ago made people speculate that the next-generation Windows version number is 11. Now the rumors have been confirmed by the early leak of the image.

Windows 11

Judging from the pictures published by netizens, the difference reflected in the preview version is almost only a UI change. For example, the taskbar icon is centered:

Windows 11 tark bar

Live tiles removed from START menu:

Windows 11 start menu

It is absurd that the old control panel is still alive. Many people are confused about the overlapping of the control panel and the system settings, and don't understand why Microsoft still retains the control panel. This time, the things changed in control panel are only the icons:

Windows 11 control panel

What is currently leaked is only the early Windows 11 preview version. We can think that the official version will have more functional changes, but we can't have much expectations. As an ancient and complex system with a huge number of users, Microsoft cannot risk changing it completely. We will only see a familiar but somewhat different Windows 11.

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