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How To Upgrade All The Upgradable OpenWRT Packages With Just One Command?

Usually we upgrade packages on the web interface of OpenWRT, one by one. But when you have hundreds of packages to be upgraded, you would feel silly to click your mouse. 

OpenWRT is built from Linux. So, use the commands.

You can type either on the web terminal or the local terminal connected with SSH. 

Firstly, it's recommanded to update your list of packages:

opkg update

And then, to upgrade all LUCI packages prefixed with luci-:

opkg list-upgradable | grep luci- | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg upgrade

If you want to upgrade all packages, remove grep luci- | from the command, that is:

opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg upgrade

Stand up and take a walk, it's probably done when you're back.

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